Born in caracas, Luis always connected with any art movements in his native Venezuela.
By age 17 he was a recognized graffiti artist, having won local competitions. At 18 he begins studying Industrial design at the recognized Instituto de Caracas, culminating with honors as a Product designer.
Tattoos were always so captivating, he quickly began filling his body with tattoos along the way making great friendships in the tattoo industry such as world renowned Yomiko moreno, darwin hernandez and axel lopez.
Soon, influenced by those friendships he begins to experiment tattooing as a hobbie.
That hobbie became a passion as soon as he arrived in Miami, dedicating his time and devotion to being the artist he is today.
although his work does not reflect any style favoritism, among his favorite styles are black and white, realism in color, black and grey, geometric and water color
'the most important thing is to find the right design and that each and everyone leaves happy with a desire to return for more"


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